#prstack: the power of community

Ding, ding. Round two. So here we go again. The second generation #PRstack hits the virtual (and actual) shelves of public relations land today.

by David Sawyer

Thirty PR practitioners writing case studies about how they use online tools to do their job better and faster.

I’ve read a few and can’t wait to pore over the rest.

If anything, the quality’s even higher.

Last time round it was a case of “Oooh, I’d not heard of that one. Let’s give it a go.”

In MKII it’s more “Oooh, I was au fait with x and y but never thought of using them together to do z.”

You should download for free and read it.

#PRStack’s been good to me. Here’s how I got involved.

But the biggest benefit for me is being part of a community.

A group of like-minded digital PRs keen to collaborate, share their expertise, and learn.

Sure, there’s an element of enlightened self interest. There’s no such thing as a selfless act, right?

But really it’s the fun and excitement of gleaning new stuff, and getting to know interesting people.

Stuff like Bluenod, which Angharad Welsh introduced me to in the first book (I’ll be on there later today seeing how the #PRstack community is shaping up).

People like Dan Slee, who’s introduced me to his comms2point0 community. 

And (through his excellent weekly newsletters) given me a window back in to the public sector comms world I worked with for so many years.

So thanks #PRStack, all the contributors, anyone who’s supported the project. And particularly Stephen Waddington and Frederik Vincx at Prezly for bringing it all together.

Powerful things; communities.

David Sawyer is director of Glasgow-based Zude PR. He is never happier than when someone joins the majority of his extended family by signing up to his weekly newsletter.

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